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  • The Bob and Tom Show

    On Air: Monday - Saturday, 5am - 9am

    Wake up to the best morning show in the country! Bob & Tom are well known for their charitable work. The ...

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  • Bildo

    On Air: Weekdays, 9am - 12pm

    Hometown: Born over yonder in Germany, spent my formative years in Oostburg, moved to Minneapolis for school and have lived ...

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  • Burnzy

    On Air: Weekdays, 4pm - 7pm

    I went from a Walkman to a degree in radio, just from listening to a Police tune. My first musical ...

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  • Otto

    On Air: Weekdays, Noon - 4pm, Mid - 5am; Sat, 12pm - 6pm; Sun, 6am - Noon

    Hometown: I hale from parts unknown (AKA Sheboygan) Stuff: Born 8/21/1980, Married in June of 2008 to Crystal ...

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  • Mildawg

    On Air: Weekdays, 7pm - Midnight

    I started my radio career at the young age of 8 yrs. old broadcasting from my bedroom. My parents told ...

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  • Franki Starr

    On Air: Saturday, 7pm - Midnight; Sunday, 11am - 3pm

    Hi everyone! Franki Starr here. I hail from the great city of Sheboygan. My two favorite things in the whole ...

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  • The Rockin' 80s with Zander

    On Air: Sunday, 7pm - 9pm

    The Rockin' 80's is the only 80's show with a mix of the best rock from the decade ...

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  • HardDrive

    On Air: Sunday, 9pm - 11pm

    Since its birth, hardDrive has become a respected and influential extreme rock (for those you who don’t know what ...

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  • Waldo

    On Air: Sundays, Midnight - 5am

    I knew I was in radio for good when I landed a gig at "The Coyote" in Santa Fe during ...

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