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The Bob and Tom Show

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Monday - Saturday, 5am - 9am
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    Wake up to the best morning show in the country!

    Bob & Tom are well known for their charitable work. The 25 comedy albums they've produced since 1986 have generated over 4.5 million dollars which they have donated to various local charities. Bob was introduced to his future radio partner Tom Griswold while on tour for his "Young Americans" traveling musical group. (He was asked to be joined by Menudo ,but turned it down because they were gay). The group was on their way to a gig, when they came upon a traffic jam blocking their way. Bob discovered a man being arrested. It turns out he was guilty of driving too slow. Bob befriended the jail bound Tom, and unfortunately, Bob became jail bound soon after when we asked the police woman if she wanted to handle his "nightstick." In prison, Bob and Tom were placed in the "broadcast" department to come up with some way to keep fellow inmates happy. As it turns out, Bob and Tom were liked so much they were soon set free to do their show in the outside world.