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Richard Pryor

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I dreamed I was in the cockpit of a plane and looked over and Richard Pryor was flying the plane with a female co-pilot. As we were about to touch down I was thinking, Richard Pryor can't land a plane! The co-pilot was easing him in saying, "You got it. Okay. Slow now, etc." Right before we touched down I realized I was about to poop my pants! - Jennifer 42, Woodstock, GA

Lauri: Richard Pryor symbolizes some part of you that is trying or perhaps is learning to better handle let downs, hence bringing the plane down. So what first comes to mind when you think of him? A movie? A bit he did? His MS? Being that he was a comedian, he may simply represent your ability to keep your sense of humor during a difficult time. The co-pilot is your inner voice that is guiding you right now in your waking life as you navigate your current situation. She is telling YOU that you got this. Its going to be okay, despite your self-doubt. Oh... and the pooping your pants reference? Thats telling you that you have a lot of psychological and emotional releasing to do!

Jennifer replies: I had it all at one time. I was "flying high" in live with a great house, a job, a husband, and now I have to start over in a small apartment after my divorce. It has been very hard. When I think of Richard Pryor I think of how he was so strong even through the MS kept his sense of humor. This was brilliant! Thank you.

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