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Dad was a Country Singer

by Lauri Loewenberg

 “Dreams are perhaps the most highly personal expressions you have.”   - Patricia Garfield

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed that my father had recorded a hit country song. I remember hearing it on the radio. I've never really heard my dad "sing" in real life. He was confused and a bit put off by all the attention he was getting. People asked him for autographs wherever we went, and he remarked "Guess I better start carrying a f*ckin' Sharpie."    - Turner 42, Fort Wayne, IN

Lauri: This is probably more about you than it is about your father. Remember, everything and everyone in a dream is symbolic of you or some part of your life.  That being said, are you a father? And if so, your dad probably represents yourself as a dad. Did anything particularly good happen yesterday where you felt you were getting recognition for your paternal skills? Did your child do or say anything that was “music to your ears?”  The Sharpie is an interesting element to the dream and most likely is the way you are telling yourself you need to write this down for permanency.

Turner Replies: I am a father of two and last night I asked my youngest if he wanted me to lay down with him and sing some songs for bedtime, and he said "Yes! Because I love you!" Sweetest kid ever.

Lauri: Aha! There is the connection to singing. Remember, the ending of the dream is where the most important part of the message is. So write that down! Matters not if it is a Sharpie, a No. 2 pencil or a green crayon. Just document that because that is precious!

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