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Sumerian Records to pay tribute to Florence & The Machine after Grammy snub. Periphery cover 'Only if For A Night' + others...

by Bildo

Apparently AshAvildsen (metal label Sumerian Records founder) was as upset as anyone in the world that Florence & The Machine didn't win a single Grammy at this past February's festivities (as stated in this Facebook post that I can't confirm he posted) that he took it upon himself to do a full tribute album to them entitled 'Sumerian Ceremonials; Florence & The Sphinx' (Sumerian's logo is a Sphinx to clairify)

The album comes out May 15th and will feature songs from the album 'Ceremonials' with the exception of their biggest hit 'Dog Days Are Over'.

Only a few have been released, but one of my favorite bands made the cut, and released their version of 'Only If For A Night' by Periphery...

Only a few other covers have been released as of yet, and in my own humble opinion, the Periphery cover is my favorite but am excited to hear some of the other ones in the near future.

Stick To Your Guns - 'Dog Days Are Over'

Come The Dawn - 'What The Water Gave Me' (little heavier than the previous two)

The full track listing will be as follows:
l. Periphery - Only If For A Night

ll. Stick To Your Guns - Dog Days Are Over
lll. Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) - Shake It Out
lV. Darkest Hour - Spectrum
V. Miss Fortune - No Light, No Light
Vl. Fever Dreamer - Leave My Body
Vll. Born Of Osiris - Seven Devils
Vlll. Come The Dawn - What The Water Gave Me
lX. Upon A Burning Body - Lover To Lover
X. Mike Semesky (Intervals / formerly The HAARP Machine) featuring Aleka Farha - Heartlines
Xl. Dead Letter Circus - Remain Nameless
Xll. City In The Sea - All This and Heaven Too

Super excited to hear the Born of Osiris song...