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Watch: Jane's Addiction "Another Soulmate" Lyric Video

by Amber Lee

Jane’s Addiction have a new lyric video out for the single “Another Soulmate.” The song itself is different from most Jane’s Addiction tunes on purpose. The band is mostly know for longer tunes, and Farrell told Rolling Stone, “I thought it'd be interesting to try and write a Beatles-esque short song that would be fast and furious and it would just be fun, dig it and move on, short attention span."

The song was inspired by Perry’s wife’s friend. This friend is the type of girl who always ‘sold herself sort’ when it came to romance. She’d meet the wrong guy, in the eyes of her friends, but say he’s her soulmate. When that doomed relationship failed and she met a new guy, he’d be her soulmate. Her terrible love life was the inspiration for ‘Another Soulmate.’