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Korn's Singer Talks Xanax Addiction [AUDIO]

by Amber Lee

Korn’s Jonathan Davis opened up during a recent interview and had a real conversation about his addiction to Xanax. “I stopped writing and listening to music and a lot of stuff that I love because I was really battling with this detox off of benzo’s. It’s a horrible drug; they call it Xanax at home, I don’t know what it’s called here [U.K.]. I was fighting having seizures, I was shaking all the time, I couldn’t think. My brain, actually, was wired a certain way from the medicine so it had to rewire itself. I had one foot in reality and one foot out. I was freaking out. My baby had diabetes and I was like, ‘Oh my god, he’s going to lose his feet and go blind.’ Music has always been my savior, but I wasn’t having … I don’t know where I was, honestly.”

Davis has since been to rehab and is not abusing drugs. You can listen to the full interview below.

The new album The Paradigm Shift drops October 8th. 

Listen to the interview HERE