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Kiss takes shots at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and plays Jimmy Fallon.

by Otto Man

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley slammed Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame co-founder and Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner. On Twitter Friday Stanley ranted: Our treatment at the RRHOF confirmed my worst suspicions. Wenner and the rest are spineless weasels. And RRHOF made sure to treat us as uninvited guests. No passes. No schedule and on. We were great and he remains a small man. Stanley concluded by calling him a "spineless weasel." Both Tweets have since been deleted.

Meanhwile Kisss Gene Simmons, also took a couple of shots at Rolling Stone on Twitter, mocking the magazine's original negative critical reviews of Led Zeppelin's first 2 albums, writing "Rolling Stone. Idiots then. Idiots now"

Stanley Twitter

Simmons Twitter

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Kiss performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Friday night, performing 5 songs including, Deuce, Hotter Than Hell and Black Diamond.

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Coverage of the induction ceremony: Here and here and here and here and here and here

From Kisss press tour surrounding the induction.

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