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So Tuesday I had the most amazing experience...

by Bildo

Road America , our lovely backyard, amazing place of a race track, is hosting the Continental Tire Road Race Showcase this weekend. In efforts of spreading the word, they gave myself and a few Co-workers of mine an opportunity to take a ride with Brian Frisselle in this bad boy...

Holy man is about all I can say. I didn't blink once and had the biggest grin on my face the entire time. Their was, what I can only assume was a kill switch right in front of me that the dude man strapping me in told me not to touch and not to touch the driver. Easy enough but it's one of those things that if I had ten seconds to think, deep down inside I'd want to hit it just so I could see what dying in a fiery explosion would be like.

I remember at one point looking over to see if I could see how fast we were going but couldn't see anything but asked about it later and they said we got up to 150 and 170 around the two fastest straightaways. The entire experience was something else to say the least, from the Corvette bridge, the Johnsonville bridge, feeling like you're almost hitting a wall when you slow down to take a corner, then just haul balls after it.

As fun as the ride was, and lets not get it twisted, saying 'fun' would be the understatement of the year, it was probably just as fun as watching my co-worker from our sister station's indecisiveness whether to go or not. Eventually we convinced her to go, and long story short, she's glad she did it but won't do it again.

Jess Kelley before:

Jess Kelley after:

Picture doesn't do it justice, but she wasn't digging it so much.

Jess and Jeff were there to snap a few pictures but the cool cats hosting the event offered them a chance to take a ride as well.

Jeff handled it like a champ which is great and all, but Jess' experience is a little more fun to tell.

Seriously though, she was struggling...

So yeah, such was my stressful day of work on Tuesday. The weather was amazing, the people there from Road America and Continental Tire were super nice to everyone, the driver was cool, and most importantly, he didn't kill me. The event kicks off today (Thursday August 7th) and runs all weekend. It's one of the coolest places, seeming like it's almost in the boonies/middle of nowhere, which I guess it kinda is but provides for a wicked awesome experience, which is 1,00% worth checking out. Tickets are available at Road America's Website, or just follow links HERE .