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REVIEW:Revolution Anti-Hero

by Jay Morris

I have a love for IPA's, (India Pale Ales) that hoppy taste in the back of the back of my throat is now the standard for my casual beer drinking. Knowing that a friend bought me an assorted six pack of IPA's this week, including several I have never tried before. *THANK YOU WIL* 

One of the first I tried was Anti Hero  from Revolution Brewing Company in Chicago The first thing I noticed is that 

it was in a can. A year ago that in itself would have tainted my opinion of this beer, but now with craft brewers across the country canning great beers I am over my canophobia. 

Anti Hero ABV 6.5%, IBU 70 is an American IPA with the typical high bitterness, copper color, nice floral aroma. Overall Anti Hero is an excellent but very underexposed IPA. What I mean by that is If you are a fan of Dogfish Head's 60 minute   Bell's Two Hearted   or Sierra Nevada Celebration  Ale you are going to LOVE this IPA. It is very drinkable and one of the better IPA's I have had out of a can.