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Cafeteria Car Conversations . . .

by Carl Anthony

When I was in high school, my classmates and I would dream about what cars we would buy when we "grow up."  It filled many of our lunch time conversations, in the cafeteria, during the late 90's.  These conversations were of genuine enjoyment as many of us drove very modest vehicles at the time.  Modest is putting it lightly too.  One of my friends had a Chevy Citation.  I rest my case. 

And by "grow up" we meant become instantly and fabulously wealthy, without working a ton and with plenty of time to drive said vehicles around. 

Sometimes, my friends would pick something wild and fancy like a Porsche, Lamborghini or Maserati.  Yet, even on those days, they would somehow find their senses and go with their #1 pick.  A BMW.  In particular, the M3.  And as we would chow down on our sloppy joes, it was here; at this point in the conversation, where we would find our major point of contention.  My friends insisted on the German engineered M3 and I wanted the American iron. 

I have lost touch with those old friends of mine . . . I suppose that happens over the years.  They used to joke with me and say: "your Mustang will be no match for us in the BMW!"  One of my friends was even kind enough to offer: "don't worry, Carl, I will give you a ride when you need." If only they could see the video below.  It's not a clear win for the Mustang . . . and in many ways, that's okay.  What it shows is why cars are so important to our life and culture to begin with.  All car fantasies are created equal . . . and sometimes, so is the actual car itself. 

These two iconic rides go back and forth . . . the lead changes hands.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  And in the end?  Well, that's the real beauty.