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  • Frank Caliendo Meets Tom Cruise

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Frank Caliendo met Tom Cruise backstage at Leno... and says he's the nicest person he's ever met, except he offers up info that EVERYONE knows.

  • Pat Dailey's Drinking Song

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Pat Dailey stopped by the Bob and Tom show to perform one of our favorites... "The Drinking Song"

  • Steven Seagal Makes Citizen Arrests

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Steven Seagal called in to the Bob & Tom show... again. While he was on the phone he made a citizens arrest with a Chinese throwing star.


    Steven Seagal's Citizen Arrest

  • If You've Ever Had A Kid In Little League

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    You'll get a kick out of Tim Wilson's Little League story... about the crazy lady who hit his kid with a clipboard.

    Tim Wilson's Little League Story

  • Donnie Baker's Diary Entry

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Bob and Tom get a call from Donnie Baker, who gives them another entry from his rather interesting diary.

  • Shane Mauss Talks About Sex In Space

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Shane Mauss was on Bob & Tom this morning and he talked about sex in space...check out the audio clip at the bottom

    Reminder: Shane is at Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton March 24-27 (920)-734-JOKE for tickets

    Here's a preview of Shane, in case you haven't seen him before... he's hysterical! And he's from LaCrosse.

    Shane Mauss On Sex In Space

  • Playlist For The Bedroom

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Comedian James Ervin Jones talks about his music playlist... for the bedroom. His warm-up song before sex: "Eye Of The Tiger"?

    James Ervin Jones Bedroom Playlist

  • Tommy Johnagin's White Trash Uncle

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    Tommy Johnagin comes from a white trash background... he tells a great story about his white trash uncle who lives in the mountains.


  • Great Tiger Woods Parody Song

    Posted by Jason Hillery

    From Comedian Tim Cavanaugh... a hysterical Tiger Woods parody song called "Fly Of The Tiger"

    Tiger Woods Parody: "Fly Of The Tiger"